CodeViz - source code stats w. interactive charts in VS Code

Hey All,

Here’s another open-source product from Vizzu for developers using VS Code: CodeViz Stat - interactive source code statistics with animated visualizations. It’s a VS Code extension to explore your software’s line count and file count in total or by programming languages to find inefficiencies and structural issues with ease or to get a visually pleasing overview of your work.

We think it’s a good example of what our open-source viz library Vizzu can be used for.

Key features of CodeViz Stat:

  • Shows file count and line count in total and by programming languages.
  • Allows navigation within the project folders, filtering the visualized data accordingly.
  • Shows a tooltip with details on mouseover.

CodeViz Stat is built on top of Kentaro Usiyama’s great VScode Counter.

Also, huge thanks to @TarasNovak for all the valuable feedback and support along the way.

Check out the source code of Git using CodeViz:


Kind regards,

Peter Vidos, CEO & Co-Founder of Vizzu