Introducing start slides and enhanced animation control in ipyvizzu-story v0.7

We are super excited to announce the release of ipyvizzu-story version 0.7, packed with two major improvements that will enhance your data presentation capabilities. With the introduction of the new start slide feature and the animation options, ipyvizzu-story offers more freedom with greater productivity. Keep reading for all the details.

Start slide

Your valuable feedback taught us the significance of flexibility and time efficiency when crafting longer data stories. So we added the start slide feature that allows you to start your presentation from any slide you desire. Some examples of how it can benefit you:

  • When working on your story and adding new slides at the end, you can now instantly go there without repeatedly clicking through several others. And since you can use + and - values, you can easily reach the last slide by setting the start slide to -1.
  • If you need to make changes to your completed story, you can quickly navigate to the desired slide and see the modifications at a glance.

Check out how it looks in action!

Animation options are now in ipyvizzu-story!

Have you ever desired to show a racing bar chart within your data story? We are happy to say that the animation options, previously available only in ipyvizzu, are now accessible within ipyvizzu-story with all their functionalities. Take advantage of this powerful feature, and unleash your creativity by precisely setting the timing and duration of the animations between your slides.

Whether it’s the overall animation or specific animation groups, such as elements moving along an axis, appearing or disappearing, or even when the coordinate system changes, you have full control.

Get some inspiration from the example below, and let your imagination soar!

We are committed to continuously improving ipyvizzu-story to meet your evolving needs, and we hope you’ll like these updates.

We always need your feedback and are here to help you familiarize yourself with our tools, so we’d love you to join our vibrant community on Slack to connect with other enthusiastic users and share your thoughts. Alternatively, you can reach us directly at We can’t wait to see the incredible data stories you create.

Thank you for choosing ipyvizzu-story!