Vizzu comes to Jupyter Notebooks!

Dear All,

We’re proud to announce that our open-source charting library is now available in Jupyter Notebooks. Our new product, ipyvizzu enables data scientists and analysts to utilize animation for storytelling with data using Python in their favorite interactive notebook. Sharing and explaining the results of their analysis can now be a lot easier and more fun with an animated story of the charts containing the insights. ipyvizzu also saves a lot of time for them and their audience as the animation creates a natural connection between the charts eliminating the need to describe what they’re looking at - again and again.

Like our original Javascript library, the Jupyter integration of Vizzu is also open-source. We prepared a step-by-step tutorial and plenty of examples for you to get acquainted with our new product.

If you want to know more, visit the GitHub repository of ipyvizzu:

Kind regards,

Peter Vidos, CEO & Co-Founder of Vizzu