Revamped Documentation and Exciting New Features in ipyvizzu Version 0.14

Dear ipyvizzu users, We are thrilled to announce the release of version 0.14 of our animated charting tool, which includes some exciting new improvements. With smarter animations and updated documentation, it’s now easier than ever to start using ipyvizzu and explore the vast opportunities it offers. So let’s delve into the details. —

The latest release has introduced smarter animations that make charting much more efficient. Before this release, you had to insert intermediary charts when you changed the grouping - categorical data series - on a chart. Now, ipyvizzu automatically does these transitions for you, and you can even select the logic it employs using the new animation option: regroupStrategy. In addition, we have improved the default timing of the animations, making them smoother and more seamless.

We highly recommend checking all your ipyvizzus with the latest version because they have just gotten slicker!

To help you make the most of ipyvizzu, we have revamped our documentation, making it easier to navigate, search through the code reference, and find examples that inspire you to build brilliant animated charts and data stories to share your insights and get the message through.

Finally, we’ve also introduced ‘numberScale’, a new style parameter for setting the scale system for big numbers. There are built-in options like SI Symbols (k, M, G), US short scale (K, M, B, T), and UK short scale (k, m, bn, tn), and you can also create custom scales.


ipyvizzu chart using US short scale

As always, we value your feedback and encourage you to join our Slack community if you need support or input from other members of the Vizzu community and us. You can also drop us a line at to show us the awesome things you have created with our tool.

Thank you for choosing ipyvizzu, and we hope these upgrades enhance your charting experience!