Fine-Tune Your Charts with New Parameters, Plugins, and More in ipyvizzu 0.17

Hey there, data storytellers! We roll out ipyvizzu 0.17, taking another step forward in crafting compelling narratives from your data. Let’s dive into what’s new.

Fine-Tune Your Charts with New Parameters

  • Enhance your visualizations by adding subtitles and captions beside simple titles. Style them to fit your design seamlessly.

  • Adjust animation speed dynamically by setting the speed parameter.
  • Use the unit parameter to interpret data accurately across various data structures. Explore these options in our code reference.

Plugins - A New Dimension of Customization

With version 0.17 of ipyvizzu, we’ve introduced the plugin() method, enabling the use of built-in or custom-made plugins. As of now, we’re starting with a single one, but we’re focused on continuously developing and adding more to our collection.

Take a look at our example demonstrating the drop shadow plugin designed to add drop shadows to your chart markers.

Further advancements

  • We’ve refined event handling, providing detailed information in draw events (e.g., position, size, or values), and event objects now include triggered chart elements.
  • The Vizzu-lib version under ipyvizzu was upgraded to 0.9.x, focusing on stability and performance; plus, we’ve addressed various bugs and made optimizations to enhance reliability.

For a detailed list of changes, refer to our complete release notes.

This is it for now, another step forward in creating a world-class animated data storytelling tool. We look forward to seeing the amazing stories you’ll craft with these enhancements.

As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions to continue refining our library. Email us at or join our Slack for support and input from other community members.

Thank you for choosing ipyvizzu, and here’s to creating compelling data narratives!