Vizzu public beta is out!

Dear All,

We’re proud to announce that Vizzu has reached a significant milestone: We have just released our first product into public beta!

It’s an open-source Javascript library to build animated charts, data stories, and interactive explorers. You can now build morphing charts with just a few lines of code, utilizing the know-how we’ve gathered in recent years and use the power of animation in dataviz.

You can find all the necessary information here:

Since we’re in beta, we would very much appreciate it if you took our baby for a test ride, gave us feedback about it and suggestions on how to improve. We’re also here to assist you in building insightful and powerful stories with Vizzu.

Join the Slack workspace we set up for our users here

We want to thank you personally for signing up for our beta program earlier. Your trust was an important asset that kept us pursuing our goal: enabling people to find insights and communicate them easily via animated charts. This library is the first step, and we keep on building towards this vision so you can expect new solutions from us in the future that will keep lowering the barrier for creating animated data stories.

Kind regards,

Peter Vidos, CEO & Co-Founder of Vizzu