Vizzu 0.4.0 Released

New version of Vizzu (0.4.0) has arrived!


  • animate() method returns an animation control object. Using this result object you can play, pause, stop, seek or reverse the animations. This makes animation control easier and more logical. Also, it enables the chaining of animation control methods. Example:

  • CSS properties can be used to style vizzu charts E.g. --vizzu-plot-marker-colorPalette: #9355e8FF #123456FF #BDAF10FF; instead of {style: {plot: {marker: {colorPalette: '#9355e8FF #123456FF #BDAF10FF'}}} This comes in handy if you have multiple charts on the same page, if you need to apply a design scheme for charts on different pages or if you just want to give your vizzu charts a different look for users using dark mode in their browser.

    Please note: If you use CSS, don’t change the set parameters later on via the style property.

  • maxFractionDigits style parameter added to labels showing numbers. This sets the maximum number of fractional digits used when showing numbers on the chart. The default value is 3.

  • Package size reduction. From 602 KB to 426 KB


  • Marker label values are interpolated only if the measure is not changed on the label channel.

Known bugs:

  • animate({ style: null }) fails. Fixed in 0.4.1.

Full Changelog