Animated charting roundup, new release, and end-of-year gratitude

Dear All,

Since we released Vizzu into public beta almost three months ago, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reactions of data viz professionals and front-end developers. It all started with Data Visualization Society founder Eliah Meeks calling Vizzu the “most complete form of animating between chart forms”. Then our library was featured in the prestigious newsletters for front-end developers like the Javascript Weekly & Frontend Focus, TLDR, and the Console, which also published a short interview with our CTO Simon:

Getting into the top 5 most rapidly growing repositories on Github in the first week of November and the top 50 of Show HN submissions in October on Hacker News was the cherry on top:

In the meantime, the core of our open-source community started to form, and we already received the first contributions from extraordinary individuals who made Vizzu available under React, the most popular Javascript framework.

We also published content we built using Vizzu: We recreated a former story with the new library about the Chernobyl liquidators that got over 40 thousand upvotes on Reddit. In addition, we made an interactive piece that we embedded in an Observable notebook to show how flexible Vizzu is and give an example for the exploration use case.

Yesterday, we released version 0.4.0 of Vizzu with better animation control, CSS styling, package size reduction, and more. Check out our new features and build animated data stories and explorers with a few lines of code at

We want to thank you again for your support. We’re now working hard to make Vizzu the golden standard for animated charts, and you can once again help us a lot if you give us a star on Github, build something amazing with Vizzu or share the news about our tool with your peers.