Vizzu 0.5.0 Released

New version of Vizzu (0.5.0) has arrived with chart type presets and API improvements!


  • Presets were introduced for specific chart types. See the corresponding tutorial section on how to use them, and check out our Preset gallery for available chart types.
  • cancel() method added for the animation control object. Calling the method will reset the animation back to the starting position, and rejects the animation promise.
  • Data series can be reset with new values, previously any attempt to set series with an existing name resulted in an error.
  • Logging and rendering can be switched on/off through the feature() method.
  • position animation parameter for setting starting position of the animation.
  • The data read-only property of the chart object contains metadata about the data set.


  • Allowing more than 5 colors in the TypeScript declaration of color palette and gradient. The format won`t be checked in compile time, only in runtime.
  • animation-begin event called after actual animation is set up.
  • Animation control methods take effect immediately.
  • Wrong orientation after switching from circle geometry fixed.

Full Changelog