New Parameters, TypeScript Support & Customizable Plugins Introduced in Vizzu-lib 0.9

Welcome to the latest release of our JavaScript library - version 0.9. This update brings enhancements like TypeScript support, a dynamic plugin interface, improved event handling, and more. Let’s dive into the details.

New Parameters for Deeper Customization

Vizzu-lib 0.9 introduces new parameters that put you in control:

  • The subtitle and caption allow you to provide more context to your data. Style them to fit your design seamlessly.
  • The 'speed' parameter in animations allows dynamic pacing adjustments, delivering a more interactive experience.
  • The 'unit' parameter provides options for how data is represented and interpreted in your charts.

Introducing the Plugin Interface

In this release, we’re introducing a dynamic plugin interface that empowers you to tailor Vizzu-lib to your specific needs. With the Vizzu.feature() function, you can integrate built-in plugins or develop custom solutions. Here’s a glimpse of what’s possible:

  • Activate the CSS parameter usage feature (initially disabled) using Vizzu.feature('cssProperties', true).
  • Fine-tune your Vizzu-lib components by selectively turning off shorthands, pointerEvents, pivotData, or rendering with Vizzu.feature(featureName, false).

Right away, we’re rolling out functionalities:

  • Use Vizzu.feature.htmlCanvas.element to access the HTML canvas element directly.
  • With Vizzu.feature.rendering.update(), you can trigger chart re-rendering whenever needed.
  • Convert between canvas and relative coordinates using the Vizzu.feature.coordSystem.toCanvas() and toRelative() functions.

We’ve even created an external plugin designed to add drop shadows to your chart markers. Give it a try straight away in our live example on CodePen.

TypeScript Porting & Enhanced Type Safety

In Vizzu-lib 0.9, we’ve made a significant step by porting our JavaScript API to TypeScript. Now, you can expect cleaner code, precise auto-completion, and faster debugging.

Refined Event Handling

We’ve revamped our event handling for precision and interactivity:

  • Draw events now provide detailed information, including position, size, charset category, and values.
  • Event objects contain the chart element on which events were triggered.
  • Complete TypeScript definitions are available for event objects.

Bug fixes

As always, we’ve prioritized the stability and performance of Vizzu-lib. This release includes numerous bug fixes and optimizations to ensure a reliable experience. For a comprehensive list of updates and improvements, check our full release notes.

We Value Your Insights

Your feedback is still the cornerstone of our continuous improvement. Share your experiences, suggestions, and the way you use Vizzu-lib 0.9 by emailing us at or join our Slack community to get support, offer input, and connect with fellow data enthusiasts.

Thank you for choosing Vizzu! Stay tuned for more updates.