Talk @ EuroPython Dublin - Use animated charts to present & share your findings with ipyvizzu

It was a great pleasure to present our animated data storytelling tool to such an enthusiastic crowd at EuroPython and to announce VIZZU’s new presentation add-on to present the results of your analysis right from a Project Jupyter notebook.


Sharing and explaining the results of your analysis can be a lot easier and more fun when you can create an animated story of the charts containing your insights. ipyvizzu - a new open-source charting tool for Jupyter & Databricks notebooks and similar platforms, enables just that with a simple Python interface. In this talk, the creator of ipyvizzu shows how their technology works and provides examples of the advantages of using animation for storytelling with data.

Covered topics:

  • The problem with the well-known chart taxonomies: starting from “what would you like to show”
  • Creating a generic chart morphing engine
  • Advantages of using animation for storytelling - from the presenter’s and the audience’s perspective
  • Examples and best practices of using ipyvizzu

Also check out this short talk showcasing ipyvizzu: